Elephant baby shower decorations: interesting ideas and useful items

Children’s bathroom with elephant baby shower decorations is not a luxury, but a very practical solution for cottages, country houses and even city apartments.

Psychologists believe that the own children’s bathroom at an early age helps children to become independent much earlier and also it stimulates the process of learning the rules of personal hygiene. Children imitate their parents, and their bathroom is a small replica of the bathroom of the parents. It allows them to feel older. And so they quickly get used to the timely visit to the bathroom and toilet.

Elephants in the bathroom

Parents should take care of the beautiful interior: it needs to be childish and funny. Cute elephants will be the best heroes for the bathroom. These large animals are completely non-aggressive. They charm through their directness, kindness and desirable to make contact. Maybe, that’s why they are very popular among children.

Long trunks of these animals allow them to throw themselves for entertainment and washing. Perhaps for this reason, elephant baby shower decorations are so appropriated in a children’s bathroom. The element of these animals is the water, and little restless love to splash too. A child who is just getting used to the water, or for some reason refuses soul can take a beloved elephant bathing.

Elephant baby shower decorations: what are they?

Parents need to design carefully a child’s bathroom before the birth of the child. It is perfect as there is enough time and opportunity to include all the necessary and do the best things with love. If you select “elephant theme”, then you should put the tiles with its image, choose curtains and towels with the elephant figures.

If the baby recently became attached to this animal, you can add to the interior its image. You can buy special vinyl stickers. They are sure to delight baby and make the process of bathing is very pleasant.

Toy plastic elephants will be acquainted with the water. The child can fill it with water, pour into a large bowl or on himself. These simple motions will delight baby, he will actively implement them.

A banner with the elephants

Interesting variety of elephant baby shower decorations is a fabric banner. You can buy it or make it with your hands. You will need:

• a piece of fabric;

• scissors;

• a thick ribbon.

The fabric is cut into long strips 40-50 cm. You put in half and tie on the braid. They should be close to each other. The result is a banner for tables, locker or just on the wall. To accentuate the overall style of the bathroom, you should choose the textile or oilcloth depicting elephants. It is great if they have different images, but in one color.

If the textile is to take a soft cloth, then this banner to become a toy for swimming. A newborn baby reaches for the dangling ribbons, and tries to grab a naughty edge. The kid will figure out how to have some fun with the banner, too.

Despite its simplicity, the banner can be a real helper. There are children who don’t like to wash their hair. Hang the banner up high so the child had to stare at the ceiling. While the parent will lather and wash baby’s head, he can consider interesting tape, to consider them or just touch them with fingers.

Towel elephant

You can make cute pink elephant baby shower decorations using two towels. One must be thick and big, a large bath towel will fit well. Take another one – a hand towel from thinner textiles. Follow the simple instructions and get amazing elephant decorations for baby shower:

1. Put a towel on a flat surface to avoid irregularities. You should iron wrinkled towel.

2. Roll two edge of the towel about 6 inches (15 centimeters).

3. From two rolls try to make “double convolution”.

4. Turn it in half so that it could stand (it is elephant body and legs in this stuff).

5. Put it on legs and put it aside for a while.

6. Put a hand towel on a flat surface.

7. Attach or clamp a paper clip in the center of the larger side of the towel.

8. Put your hands on the edge of the towel near a fixed point and roll the edges of the towel away, pushing your hands off of this clip as you rolled the bundle, forming a long, double coil. The trick is to towel remained tense.

9. Continue to roll it toward the center until you are no longer able to wind it down.

10. Turn the bundle so that the flat side was facing up.

11. Wrap the narrow pointed end (where you fastened the middle point in a tight roll to form the trunk of the elephant. Squeeze the towel a little, making the curl in it.

12. Grasp the flat surface of towel between your two points on the part that is pointing down and roll them out to the sides from the center. This part is the “ears” of the elephant and forms his “forehead”.

13. Put his head between his paws and meet elephant decorations for baby shower!

Sunglasses are the perfect detail for originality. Just put them on the head of the elephant! This cute and stylish pink elephant baby shower decorations will be a surprise for any girl!

From a very early age, the people get basic habits and hygiene. A comfortable and beautiful bathroom can give the pleasure of taking different water treatments for any kid. But it is impossible to imagine without the cute elephant baby shower decorations!

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