Interesting facts about Finland

Here is a selection of interesting facts that will surely be of interest to those tourists who are going to visit this country of snow-covered landscapes and eternal night:

1) In Finland, the penalty for violating traffic rules depends on how much you earn. The more your income is, the higher the amount of your fine will be.

2) Finns drink coffee more than others in the world. A person has 12 kilograms per year. Many local people drink 10 cups of coffee per day. And nevertheless, they live very long.

3) Finnish people love saunas. Moreover, even ordinary Finnish apartments have saunas. They are installed in bathrooms. It`s cold in Finland. You need to somehow warm yourself up. In the old days, Finns were born and died in saunas.

4) In Finland, Heavy Metal music is adored. Finns love it so much that there are 54 musical groups playing metal per 100 000 people. This is another world record.

5) In Finland, an interactive education system is used. Children do not have homework and exams. There are also no marks for the first 6 classes. Interestingly, the system works great. IQ potential of Finnish residents is extremely high.

6) Finland has the cleanest water in the world. Feel free to drink tap water. This is because Finns pay much attention to cleaning technologies, water treatment plant construction and water disinfection systems.

7) It`s true that deer walk along the streets of the cities, especially the northern ones because they are not very populated. You can really meet them while going for a walk.

8) Finns really drink a lot of alcohol. However, according to statistics, French and Italian people still drink much more.

9) Finland is a country with a huge number of lakes. There are about 190 000 of them. And it`s not a joke. They cover 9% of the total area of the country. These places are incredibly beautiful.

10) Not only deer but also hares live in the cities. They are not afraid of people at all like domestic cats.


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