New Year in Spain

New Year`s Eve in Spain is ideal for those travelers who want to spend their holidays in a warm country but prefer to vacate in Europe. Even in Northern Catalonia, the air often warms up to +20°C in January. Green parakeets are building their nests on palms and blooming mimosas at this time of the year. Enticing Andalusia, the southernmost point of Europe, is located within a stone`s throw of Africa. And there is really wonderful weather in the Canary Islands!

Tour operators will offer you numerous types of special routes to visit the most beautiful cities (Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, and Granada) and other attractions of Spain. It is much more comfortable to do this in winter than in summer, when the sun is scorching. But if you have seen enough of palm trees and you want to enjoy the snow, go to the ski resort of Sierra Nevada. Although located in the south of Spain, it can always boast of the best snow conditions.

The Spaniards are emotional, and they have a lot of fun celebrating winter holidays. Almost no one sits for too long at a festive table because people crave to take part in street processions and carnivals. On 28 December, the Spaniards usually celebrate All Fools` Day. It is the winter analogue of April Fools` Day. On this day, newspapers can blindside you with imaginary stories, and children on the streets may glue something to your clothes.

On New Year`s Eve, the Spaniards gather in the squares and eat one grape with each stroke of the clock so that the wish made is fulfilled. The legend says that there was a big harvest of grapes a long time ago, and the king ordered to give out it to all comers. The remaining grapes are usually thrown about in various directions. People are singing, dancing, shooting off fireworks and drinking champagne!

Epiphany is celebrated no less exponentially. Carnivals, the main activity of which is scattering sweets, are held around the cities. Children are delighted!

If you want to see as much as possible, contact an experienced travel agent, and he will choose the most suitable tour especially for you. Do not postpone the preparation for the journey because the best offers go to those who care about the New Year`s holiday in advance.

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