Teleportation – the way of instantaneous movement

We live in an amazing and exciting time, which looks like science fiction novels of yesteryear more and more. If the present miracles of technology had shown to somebody fifty years ago, the imagination of the inhabitant of that time would have amazed.

However, scientific and technological progress continues to develop and creates more and more miracles. Observing the research of scientists it is easy to see that huge prospects take place in the fields of nanotechnology and quantum physics.

Just several years ago the phenomenon known as ‘teleportation’ caused smiling skepticism and considered to be paranormal phenomena. But today scientists have already changed their attitude to the possibilities of the phenomenon. Recently, a group of physicists from Russia and Slovakia told about the prospects and possibilities of teleportation with admiration, they say that it will not take a quarter of a century preparatory to instant transfer of objects with teleports will become a reality!

Teleportation – no more than a technology

Moving an object by the transport system of the future to any distance is an achievable goal, – scientists of physics Sergey Filippov (Russia) and Mario Zeman (Slovakia) confidently declare about wonders of the quantum and electronic world.

Talking about the research developments in the field of teleportation, physicists announced the possibility of moving objects as early as 2040. Physicists are planning to show that teleportation is not a delusional fiction by this time. They are going to prove this is an accessible technology, which will be applied in all spheres of human activity.

The matter of the fact that quantum beams can be teleported to hypothetically infinite distances is being discussed now. These are incommensurably small particles, but they have an excellent ability to store the information of the transmitted object and to transport it to the desired point without any losses.

This is no longer a mathematical model. This is already a really working setup for teleportation, a machine capable of performing instant transport of matter.

Explaining the theory of ‘quantum teleportation’, the scientists of Filippov and Ziman point to a specially prepared quantum beam: importance is the Isolation of the “flow” between point ‘A’ and point ‘B’. If something have interfered it the story of ‘The Fly’ will be got.

First of all physicists thought out a protective mechanism for safety of a teleportation procedure. It excludes interference from outside into the transmitted information flow. The know-how lies in the blocking impulse, which fixing an extraneous interference in the flow immediately drops it into the external environment.

Teleportation will become a habitual transport in the future

The teleportation effect has giant field of using: the military area, the reduction of energy consumption, the banal reduction of the time to move from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’.

The effect of teleportation can provide an unimaginably profitable policy in the field of space exploration. Sharply, to a minimum, transport costs for the delivery of goods between the mastered and the mother planets will be reduced. The very moment of mastering will be reduced to the initial stage – delivering the receiver of the teleporting device by a spacecraft and adjust the machine.

But the physicists afflict us with a dream to teleport for the weekend in warm places with the purpose of tourism or recreation. It is necessary to wait for. Not only because we are talking about micro objects, and moving large particles requires other possibilities – although this is true in part, technology development is required. A living organism is incredible complicated to be teleported, so a myriad of calculations will be required for the biological structure – extremely difficult work is to be done.

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