Elephant baby shower decorations: interesting ideas and useful items

Children’s bathroom with elephant baby shower decorations is not a luxury, but a very practical solution for cottages, country houses and even city apartments.

Psychologists believe that the own children’s bathroom at an early age helps children to become independent much earlier and also it stimulates the process of learning the rules of personal hygiene. Children imitate their parents, and their bathroom is a small replica of the bathroom of the parents. It allows them to feel older. And so they quickly get used to the timely visit to the bathroom and toilet.

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New Year in Spain

New Year`s Eve in Spain is ideal for those travelers who want to spend their holidays in a warm country but prefer to vacate in Europe. Even in Northern Catalonia, the air often warms up to +20°C in January. Green parakeets are building their nests on palms and blooming mimosas at this time of the year. Enticing Andalusia, the southernmost point of Europe, is located within a stone`s throw of Africa. And there is really wonderful weather in the Canary Islands! Continue reading “New Year in Spain”